Meals at the Chuck Wagon


Meals at the Chuck Wagon

from 10.00

Saturday morning breakfast and coffee with the performers. Saturday night chicken fried steak dinner before the show.

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Paul Geeslin & Sam Howell, Cooking Team

Paul was raised Kent County in the Texas Rolling Plains. Although raised in town (population 749) as the son of the County Agent, he spent a lot of his youth on the Dunlap Ranch on the Croton Creek. He then went to Texas Tech in Lubbock. When he graduated, he couldn’t afford to leave Lubbock, so he stayed there and worked in the Ag and Safety industries; and did part time chuck wagon cooking for one of the large ranches that still ran a wagon. 

Sam was raised in Odessa, Texas. He spent a lot of his young life with his grandfather who farmed and ranched in Tahoka, Texas. After school Sam went back to Tahoka and farmed and ranched, then went back to Odessa as a land surveyor. 

Both had been Boy Scouts and when their sons got older, they became Boy Scouters. They met at a training camp at Philmont and became close friends. Soon after, Sam’s dad, S. W. decided to build a chuck wagon, which he did. As S. W. and Sam were putting together a cooking team, Sam told his dad that he knew of a wagon cook that was looking for a place to cook. So, the three got together and cooked in competitions and catered some events. S. W. cooked with the team until after he turned 87, then decided to let the youngsters have it. 

Sam and Paul have cooked together for over twenty years, they have cooked for ranches, weddings, company parties, town picnics, veteran’s events and in competition. Both have a wagon; Paul’s Wagon is called the Croton Creek Association and Sam’s wagon is called Cocklebur Camp. The crew now includes Hoodlums, Russell Kimble, Chad Geeslin, John Brown, and Mark Griffin.

This year the crew will be cooking on the Croton Creek Association Wagon; serving breakfast and supper. Breakfast will be scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuits, and coffee. Supper will be a standard competition meal consisting of chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, beans, bread, and peach cobbler. We hope that you will come join us for a great meal and a roaring good time. See you in Cimarron.