Meals at the Chuck Wagon


Meals at the Chuck Wagon

from 10.00

Saturday morning breakfast and coffee with the performers. Saturday night brisket and enchilada dinner before the show.

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All this snow lately makes me wish it were August and I were standing by the coosie's* fire with a steaming cup of coffee and grinning friends all around.

Well, wish no more, folks! Rocky and Karen Sullivan have hired on to feed you at our Sixth Annual Gathering on August 23-24. They'll be serving up breakfast and a chicken fried steak dinner Saturday night right beside the Assembly Hall at Philmont's Training Center.

Rocky and Karen Sullivan love good food! They have been cooking over the coals in the traditional Dutch oven style for some 20 years. Rocky learned Dutch oven cooking as a hunting guide in New Mexico and Colorado, while Karen was introduced to the art during her time as a whitewater river guide in several Rocky mountain states.

Because of their time in the southwest, they prefer cooking over Mesquite wood, which gives meat a fragrant, smoky flavor. However, mesquite trees aren’t available very far north, so hardwoods such as fruit or hickory trees are also favored.

Karen and Rocky admire the chuck wagon cooks who created filling and tasty meals for their outfits. Today, when chefs usually cook with gas, anything you order from the menu in any restaurant can be cooked over the fire in the wilderness, say the two cooks.

They are also living historians, concentrating on the latter part of the 19th century. In addition to their fireside magic, you’ll see two-time cowboy poetry champion Rocky and his winsome wife on stage at the Philmont Training Center. They bring that love of history, through story telling and poetry, of the days when the chuck wagon was the center of range society.

You can be part of the celebration of days gone by and the remembrance of trails plowed under. Come to northern New Mexico for chuck wagon breakfast and dinner prepared with a smile and a poem.

The Sixth Annual Cimarron Cowboy Music and Poetry Gathering is only six months and three weeks away. Better make your hotel reservations soon. Thanks to folks like Rocky and Karen, it’s going to be another great year.

The West is still alive in Cimarron!

* “Coosie" is a transliteration of the Spanish word, “cocinero," which means “cook" in English.