Where the West is Still Wild...


2018 Schedule

Night Show Performances 7:00PM


• Peggy Malone 

• Floyd Beard

• Valerie Beard

• Ramblin Rangers


• Susie Knight

• Dale Burson 

• Dale Page

 • Randy Huston 



• Rocky Sullivan

• Jill Jones

• Deanna McCall

• Jim Jones


• Claudi Nygaard

• Terry Nash

• Doug Figgs

• Broken Chair Band



The Performers

Broken Chair Band

Floyd Beard

Valerie Beard

Dale Burson

Janice Deardorff

Doug Figgs 

Purly Gates

Danner Hampton

Randy Huston

Washtub Jerry

Jill Jones

Jim Jones

Susie Knight

Jessica Hedges

Peggy Malone

Deanna McCall

Terry Nash

Claudia Nygaard 

Dale Page

Ramblin’ Rangers

Dennis Russell

JJ Steele

Rocky Sullivan

Rod Taylor



“There’s a mystery and wildness to these songs, the stories that are being told are of a time that doesn’t exist anymore. These cowboys wrote down everything in rhyme. They created stories of the real West and the true trails.”